Embedded Systems

We have years of experience in the development of software for embedded systems. The spectrum of our solutions ranges from microcontroller-based systems with a few kilobytes of memory space through digital signal processor systems for the processing of Video streams up to complex systems with operating systems such as Windows Embedded Compact or Linux.

These applications normally require compliance with hard real-time conditions and make the highest demands on the stability and availability of systems. We handle the quality assurance for solutions of this type on the basis of software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing procedures.

In the analysis and design, in addition to the demands driven by the primary function of the devices, we also consider the often underestimated requirements arising from production, integration and maintenance. This includes the initial provision of software in manufacturing and end-of-line testing, as well as complex update scenarios for multiprocessor systems that also enable the migration of individual device settings.